Confessions of a Geocaching nerd...

So this weekend I was walking around NYC with some visiting family members, visiting the sites. After a couple of stops they said, "OK now we are gonna do whatever you want to do..."

Little did they know what they were in for. I quickly whipped out my GPS enabled iPhone (which makes locating the caches almost too easy) and took them on a 5 block detour to find a local geocache called Picnic Tom tucked away in central park. It was a great spot and a pretty clever hide.

"Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online. (Guide to the Game)"

Disney Business: Geeking out on Surprise Fastpasses, Pin Trading and the Celebration concept

Disney has without a doubt been masters of marketing over the last 80-some years of Mickey Mouse and while I am certainly eagerly awaiting the release of Epic Mickey from my friends Adam C. and Jerry W. over at Junction Point, I have to say I was even more impressed by the operations details I noticed during our recent trip to the Magic Kingdom. Maybe it is my cynical attitude or the MBA but I couldn't help picking up on some of what I considered to be masterful marketeering nuance.

Wait did I just deploy a Flash App to my iPhone?

Apparently this is not new news, but I stumbled across the setting while playing with CS5 recently. Within a few steps ( and a relatively lengthy compile process ) Flash CS5 now allows you to develop Adobe AIR applications or just plain old flash applications and export them to be installed on your iPhone.

VMWare "Project Redwood" allows you to roll your own cloud...

VMWare announced yesterday that they were developing a project known as "Project Redwood" that would allow value added resellers to get into the cloud computing game.

This will allow IT departments in big companies to move away from public clouds, the fear associated with letting someone else hold your data, and focus on building their own Private Clouds.

VMware recognizes that many solution providers feel threatened or challenged by the idea of cloud computing, and have yet to understand what it means for them, said Carl Eschenbach, executive vice president of worldwide field operations at VMware.

"In fact, it's not a threat," Eschenbach said. "It's an opportunity."

More at;jsessionid=W4PSBCV5FNCCPQE1GHPSKHW...

Eye-Fi Wi-Fi enabled SD memory cards wirelessly upload pictures from any camera...

Google is now offering a free Eye-Fi memory card and free upload service for a year if you sign up for the 200GB Picasa storage option for $50. They will even continue to pay for your upload service as long as you are uploading to picasa.

An Eye-Fi wireless memory card lets you upload your photos and video to the web straight from *your* camera.

So imagine this, you are at a Christmas party, your third of the day, and have a tiny memory card in your digital camera that is already full. Sure you bought another one, but it is in the car or at home, so what do you do? If you are like the folks at the party I attended, you give up. That is it, no more pictures today.

Ok Zynga, you got me...

While I have been one to study the fine art and gameplay dynamics behind social media gaming, I wanted to think of myself as special. I felt that by looking in with perspective to the reasons people play, what the special *social* aspects of playing the game are, and limiting my exposure I would keep from getting sucked in.

I was wrong...

I was able to go into Farmville and Fishville unwounded, although when some limited edition fish died, I sold the rest and left the tank to scum over. No love lost there.

MafiaWars, and its ever accessible IPhone port, have me hooked though.

LinkedIn Reading list by Amazon

I really like the reading list application on LinkedIN by Amazon. It is a third party application by Amazon that lets you list what you are reading and see what your other linkedIN contacts are reading ( or intend to read someday). There is a pretty large network effect there, though. The more people who add it, the more useful it is to me and vice versa.

So, if we are linkedIN, please add this app to your profile.

Amazon universal wish list

This is nothing new, but Amazon has created a Universal Wish List. They let you add items from any site on the web to your wishlist simply by clicking a bookmark button.

Works on Safari and Firefox as far as I have tested.

Advanced Filters in Gmail Multiple Inboxes

So Gmail just added a multiple inboxes feature in labs, and there are some pretty cool tricks you do with the feature whether you want multiple inboxes or just want to see filtered items.

Updated: Here are a couple of links that have good examples on how to create advanced searches and advanced filters for your mailboxes:

The google link:

More from lifehacker:

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All the CSS Standards and Layout help you ever needed...

If you have ever wanted all of the important links and cool stuff for CSS design and layout all in one place, this is it.

Also if you have never seen A List Apart you should check it out too


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